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aplus - corporate - quality policy

''We believe that a mistake can void all truths rather than a mistake can void three truths''

Quality is not limited with customer satisfaction and geniality for us.

Quality requires a robust infrastructure. Robust infrastructure is beyond proper management and supply management.

Experience is required; the worth of real experience should be compensated with hard and on-time practicing.

Quality requires proper communication; communication is beginning of all goodness and badness.

Zero defect is important, however zero defect is never possible. Actually, reducing the mistakes repeated due to the defects to zero is important.

Fixing the mistakes by analyzing them quickly and reducing them to zero is more important. Three mistakes doesn’t void one truth, one mistake can void all truths.

Quality completely rejects negative values.

You can multiple and divide, however you cannot sum and subtract. Actually, “zero” is very important and perilous number, on the other hand how and where “one” should be used must be known very well.

Quality requires standing for your promises. Standing for your promises leads to firstly gaining money, then things that are more important than money.

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